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Vacation in Leptokarya - useful tips

Leptokarya is a picturesque coastal town in Greece with around 3000 inhabitants. It was once a fishing village and has been an attractive tourist destination for decades, especially for Serbian tourists.

It is divided into two parts, the upper and the lower, with a railway passing between them. The upper part of Leptokarya is mostly inhabited by the local population and features a large park and a pedestrian street where you can buy various goods. The lower part leads to the beach and mainly consists of newly built accommodation facilities. Along the beach, there is a long promenade with numerous restaurants and cafes.


Location of Leptokarya?

Leptokarya is located in the northeast of Greece, in the Pieria region, at the foot of Mount Olympus, on the coast of the Aegean Sea.


It is approximately 770 km away from Novi Sad, about 700 km from Belgrade, and a little over 460 km from Niš.


If you are traveling to Leptokarya by car or bus, you can easily reach it via the new highway that leads to Athens. The journey takes between 5-8 hours, depending on which part of Serbia you are starting from. However, if you choose to go by plane, the airport is located near Thessaloniki. The flight from Belgrade to Thessaloniki takes about an hour.


The nearest major city and the center of the region is Katerini, with a population of 50,000. It is located 26 kilometers away, while Thessaloniki is about 100 kilometers away from Leptokarya.

Leptokarija plaza copy.png

Weather and Sea Temperature During the Summer Season

Leptokarya has a typical Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and short, cold winters. Thanks to its location on the seaside and the mountains in the hinterland, Leptokarya is protected from rainy winds, cloudy weather, and extreme temperatures that occur further inland. A particular feature of Leptokarya is its microclimate, and it is often referred to as an air spa.


Summer, from June to September, is very hot and sunny. The average maximum temperature during the summer is around 30°C, with low humidity, and the temperature decreases significantly during the night, reaching around 20°C.


Occasionally, northwest winds blow along the coast, making summer days pleasant and creating excellent conditions for water sports. Rainfall is very rare, so that's something you don't really need to worry about.


The tourist season in Leptokarya lasts from June to September.


According to data from the last three years, here's what you can expect during the season:



Average daytime temperature: 28.6°C Average nighttime temperature: 17.9°C Average number of sunny days: 24 Average number of rainy days: 2 Average sea temperature: 23.4°C



Average daytime temperature: 32.2°C Average nighttime temperature: 21.1°C Average number of sunny days: 28 Average number of rainy days: 2 Average sea temperature: 26.9°C



Average daytime temperature: 32°C Average nighttime temperature: 20.6°C Average number of sunny days: 28 Average number of rainy days: 1 Average sea temperature: 26.1°C



Average daytime temperature: 27.4°C Average nighttime temperature: 17.8°C Average number of sunny days: 25 Average number of rainy days: 3 Average sea temperature: 25.1°C

Beaches in Leptokarya and the Surroundings

Beaches are one of the most important criteria that influence tourists' decision to visit a specific resort. Of course, not all beaches are the same, just as tastes vary – some prefer sandy, while others prefer pebble beaches. However, what is common to all is that the beach must meet certain cleanliness and water quality standards.


This is ensured by the 'Blue Flag International Program,' which awards this designation to the best beaches for one year.

Greece sea.jpg

For a beach to receive the Blue Flag, it must meet the following criteria:


  • Water Quality: The water on the beach must be bacteriologically, chemically, and physically clean.

  • Safety and Services: Visitor safety must be at a certain level, which includes the presence of lifeguards and regular equipment maintenance. The beach must provide adequate services, including showers, toilets, and a sufficient number of tables and chairs.

  • Environmental Management: The beach must be clean and well-maintained. It should have a systematic waste management system, a rainwater drainage system, and wastewater treatment.

  • Education on Sustainable Development: The beach must have a program that promotes education on sustainable development, ecological values, and environmental protection.

  • Other Criteria: Accessibility for people with disabilities and the preservation of the natural environment.

In the vicinity of Leptokarya, there are several beautiful beaches, and we will first mention those that received the Blue Flag for the year 2023:

Leptokarya Town Beach

A sandy-pebble beach over 5 km long, wide and well-arranged. The water is shallow, making it ideal for parents with young children. On the beach, you can find cafes that offer sun loungers and umbrellas if you order at least one drink. Showers and changing cabins are placed every 50 meters.

Greek beach 2.jpg
Greek plaza.jpg

Skotina Beach

A beautiful sandy beach about 1 km long, located between Platamon and Leptokarya, 5 km from Leptokarya. The beach has showers, lifeguards, sun loungers, umbrellas, and a volleyball net. At the edge of the beach, there is a natural shade created by a tree-lined alley, with a view of Mount Olympus and Platamon Castle. Parking is easy to find.

Neos Panteleimonas

A wide sandy beach with abundant greenery in the hinterland. The beach is well-arranged, with crystal clear sea, and you can use sun loungers and umbrellas from numerous cafes, restaurants, and beach bars. It is located 11 km from Leptokarya, and you can easily get there by local buses (15 minute drive), taxi, or rental car.

Greek beach 3.jpg
Greece sea.jpg


A sandy beach located between Platamon and Nei Pori, 14 km from Leptokarya. It is well-arranged, equipped with sunloungers and umbrellas. Along the coast, there are numerous beach bars and taverns where you can enjoy delicious Greek cuisine and refreshing drinks with a sea view. It is easily accessible, and there is sufficient parking for those coming by car. It also has a campsite.

In addition to these beaches, there are others that have not received the Blue Flag but are still popular among tourists:


A sandy-pebble beach with fine pebbles in the water. It is located about 5 km from Leptokarya. The sea is shallow, as is the case with most beaches in the Olympus region. The beach itself has changing cabins, showers, and taverns offering sun loungers and umbrellas. You can also bring your own umbrellas and find natural shade on the beach. Parking is ample, but most of it is in the sun.

Gritsa Beach

This pebble beach is about 15 km from Leptokarya and is very wide. The sea is shallow and transparent, and the beach is not too crowded. There is a shower and a changing cabin, as well as a volleyball and football court. The beach is easily accessible, with a large, free parking area and several cafes and restaurants.

Variko Beach

Located as an extension of Gritsa Beach. Unlike Gritsa, this beach is sandy, not as wide, and less frequented. There is a tavern offering sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as a volleyball court. If you want to be more secluded and enjoy the tranquility, this is the right beach for you. There is a large, free parking area next to the beach.

Restaurants in Leptokarya

Leptokarya has many restaurants, taverns, and bars where you can try local cuisine, which features meat, cheese, pies, as well as various seafood specialties.

Do not miss the beach bars that offer a wide range of refreshing drinks, which can be a lifesaver during the summer months.


Here are just a few of the places with good recommendations from tourists who have visited them, so we gladly recommend them too:


Zorbas Tavern - the restaurant is located by the sea. It offers delicious Greek cuisine, fresh seafood, and meat specialties.


Taverna Billys - a restaurant with cheerful colors and a sea view. On the menu, you can find various seafood specialties, as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes.


Plotón Café-Bar - a beach bar located by the shore. Recommended for those who love good pizza and cocktails.


Αστροφεγγιά - Θαλασσινά - located by the sea. It offers seafood specialties as well as grilled dishes.

Market in Leptokaria

The market is located in the part of Leptokarya above the railway, only 5 minutes walk from Nerium Apartments and the market day is only on Tuesdays. It starts early in the morning and lasts until around noon. The left side is a green market, while the right side is a flea market.


At the green market, you can find various spices, homemade oregano, as well as natural, Olympus teas. The stalls are rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as tasty sweets (caramels, jelly candies, Turkish delight). For those who love fresh fish and seafood, the local population also has something to offer.


What would a Greek market be without quality olives, olive oil, excellent feta cheese, and fine wine? If you have the opportunity, try a bit of everything – you won't regret it.

At the flea market, you can find clothing and other colorful items that can become a souvenir or a memento from your vacation.

Trips from Leptokarya

You've come for a vacation and just want to relax, enjoying the sea and sun all day long. That sounds great, and we completely understand. However, if you decide on an active vacation, this region has a lot to offer. To make the most of your time, we've selected interesting things to see in Leptokarya and worthwhile excursions you can take.


Olympus Geological-Historical Museum

This interactive museum allows you to see and touch various minerals, fossils, rocks, and crystals. Here, you can learn a lot about the geology of Olympus and Greece, mineral properties, and other fascinating facts. Nighttime visits are also available, and if the weather permits, you'll have the opportunity to observe planets and the Moon through a telescope. Tours are offered in Greek, Serbian, and English.


Platamon castle

A Venetian castle built between 1204 and 1222, which was part of Dušan's empire during the 14th century. It is located southeast of Mount Olympus and leaves visitors breathless with its grandeur.


According to some research, it is believed that an ancient city called Heraclio or Heraklion once existed at this site. The view from the castle offers a panorama of surrounding places, Platamon, and Nei Pori. It is about a 3 km walk from Platamon to the castle, and the entrance fee is 2 euros.

A tourist destination located 10 km from Leptokarya.



An archaeological park located near Katerini, about 20 km from Leptokarya. Take a walk through the streets of the ancient city, and feel the atmosphere of Hellenic culture and way of life. The excavations of temples dedicated to Zeus and Demeter, numerous statues, and mosaics will bring this captured moment of history to life. Don't miss the museum with its exhibits. The view of the mighty Olympus is enchanting.

Katerini is the main city of this region, and it is home to approximately 50,000 inhabitants. It is located 26 km away from Leptokarya.


Thessaloniki is the second-largest and most important city in Greece, a significant cultural and administrative center with over a million inhabitants. It is located about 100 km from Leptokarya. You can go by train and it is about 40 minute ride. 


Here are some highlights of its rich heritage that you can visit:

Thessaloniki White Tower of Greece.jpg

White Tower

A Byzantine fortification, formerly a prison, now an interactive museum that offers a magnificent view of the entire city.

Aristotelous Square

If you get tired of walking, you can rest here, have coffee, or enjoy ice cream.

Church of Saint Sophia of Thessaloniki

The church is open for visits twice a day, with a break for lunch, and admission is free.

Archaeological Museum and Museum of Byzantine Culture

Thessaloniki has about ten museums, but these two are probably the most significant.


A monument to the suffering of the Serbian army during World War I. If you are already in Thessaloniki, it would be a shame not to visit this memorial. If there is no traffic congestion, you can reach it by car from the center in less than 20 minutes.

Kosmos Mall

An essential stop for many tourists. Here, you can buy famous international brands at lower prices during seasonal sales. The mall also offers restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and cinemas.

Skiathos island

This small island with over 60 fantastic sandy beaches is part of the Marine National Park, where many rare animal species, including Mediterranean seals, live. The beaches vary from calm and well-organized to isolated ones and those with organized daily parties.


You can reach the island directly by boat or by car to Volos port and then take a ferry. You can buy ferry tickets at the entrance to the port, but it's probably better to reserve your spot online in advance. The ferry ride takes about 2.5 hours.

Skiathos Greece.jpg

Mount Olympus

What makes this mountain interesting is its great diversity in relief, plateaus, cliffs, waterfalls, streams running down interconnected peaks, and its proximity to the sea, which led to its protection by UNESCO since 1983.


By following the asphalt road, you can reach a restaurant and enjoy nature, or if you're a fan of hiking, you can explore the marked mountain trails.

Visiting the New and Old Monasteries of Saint Dionysios complements this excursion.

Waterland - Aqua Park

This water park is located in the village of Tagarades, about 15 minutes drive from Thessaloniki and not far from the road leading from Halkidiki to Thessaloniki. It covers an area of 150,000 m² and is currently the largest aqua park in Greece.


As for food and drinks, tourists have two restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine, three snack bars offering sandwiches and fast food, hot dog kiosks, and stands for buying ice cream and juices. There is also a shop selling T-shirts, souvenirs, and towels.


You can reach Waterland by car, and there are also organized tours for tourists spending their vacation in Leptokaria and other places in the Olympus and Thessaloniki regions.


Sunbeds in the water park are free, and the prices of drinks and food are usual for that part of Greece.

The aqua park offers entertainment for all generations. It has a large number of deep and shallow pools, a wave pool, water slides, a pirate island, a lazy river, and many other attractions.


Waterland also has a zoo where you can interact with camels, deer, roe deer, horses, ponies, raccoons, ostriches, and peacocks.

There is also a farm with sheep, donkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, cows, and wild boars, so children and adults can enjoy the company of their favorite animals.

Nightlife in Leptokarya

Regarding nightlife in Leptokarya, it cannot be described as active in terms of night bars and discos. However, there is a diverse selection of restaurants in the evening. If you want to continue your night out until the early morning hours, we recommend going to Katerini, Paralia, or Thessaloniki.

Greece nightlife.jpg
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